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About Prague and Czech Republic

Prague's General Information
Name of the city: Praha (Prague in English and French, Prague in German)
Position: Prague is situated in the very center of Bohemia and actually very near the imaginary center of Europe

Latitude: 50o05'19" North - same as Bonn, Winnipeg and the southern coast of Britain
Longitude: 14o25'17" East
Area: 496 sq. km
Population ,1 200,455 (December 31st, 1997)

Towers and spires:
At the beginning of 19th century Bernardo Bolzano counted 103 towers and spires in Prague and thus the town acquired the name "City of a Hundred Spires". At present, it is claimed there are more than 500.

Since time immemorial, the Czech lands have been the crossroads of European cultures. The cultural character of Czech cities, villages and spa towns has always been a source of inspiration to visitors and guests, who come here from all corners of the world. The Czech Republic, the youngest in the family of European countries, was born in 1993 when the Czechoslovak Federal Republic split into two independent states. In 2002, the Czech Republic received and official invitation to join the European Union. The Czech Republic is also a full-fledged NATO member. Even though the Czech Republc’s area of 78 864 square kilometers ranks it among small countries, its wealth of natural beauty and monuments of cultural heritage contribute greatly to its global prestige as a major cultural destination. Geographically, the country (population: 10.3 mil.) and its historical lands (Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia) are divided into 14 local administrative units controlled by regional administrations.

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